Motor City Irish Dance Company

MCID Company Training

The Motor City Irish Dance Company training is designed to intensively prepare dancers with solo and group choreography for dazzling on-stage performances. Dancers in this group will perform what they learn at different venues over the year, including festivals, charity events, cultural shows, and possibly even TV. Our performers concentrate on more advanced traditional and contemporary Irish dance techniques and choreography. Students in the company can expect to become brilliant Irish step dancers, with a flair for fun innovation and an entertaining spark. Anyone wishing to join the performance company must receive the Director’s approval. We are always actively recruiting new dancers so if the Motor City Irish Dance performance company sounds like something you would enjoy and thrive in, please contact us.

Our company is divided into two distinct age groups, JUNIOR (15yrs and under) and SENIOR (16yrs and older). Within these age groups there are teams based of skill level.


Shamrock Team - Entry Level junior team, usually the youngest dancers on the junior team.
Claddagh Team - Advanced Level junior team, usually mixed age group, but the majority of the dancers in this team will usually consist of ages ranging from 10yrs through 15yrs.
Celt Team - Our Senior team. Mixed ability dancers aged 16yrs and older.
Dara Team - Our Advanced levels Senior Team.
Tara Team - Our Adult Company Ceili Team.

Dancers in these groups have the ability to obtain distinction roles based off their technical ability. Martial arts have belts, Scouts have patches, Schools offer achievement certificates, every established teaching organization has a way to give praise where it is due and acknowledge the hard earned achievements of their students, and our company is no different. We praise our team as a unit and we also praise individuals who strive to reach high and grow. Our support is unwavering. Our distinction roles are as follows:


Trinity - An Elite Level of dancer within the Junior company team. These dancers are capable of very complex material and are able to perform highly polished and professional shows.
Triskellion - An professional Level dancer within the Senior company team. These dancers are capable of very complex material and are able to perform highly polished and professional shows. The dancers with this distinction are capable of learning choreography fast and retaining it immediately, allowing for the team to put together full sets of show material in very short periods of time. They maintain a highly professional attitude and demeanor and are prepared to put in the time and training necessary to accomplish any performance specification presented to them. The adult Triskellion’s are considered the professional arm of the Motor City Irish Dance Company and the ultimate goal for any dancer working their way up the ranks within the company.
Flyer - A dancer with the Trinity distinction ( ) who possesses the height and demeanor to be able to blend in with our senior adult company dancers. These dancers train to step in for senior company dancers in various performances, often beyond the limit of the junior company show sets. They train to learn the senior material and may be called upon when greater number of dancer’s are required in a senior performance or a senior dancer is unable to fulfill their role for whatever reason. They are our company flying squad, the understudies for the seniors.
Musician - These company members actively play one or more traditional Celtic instruments in our performances.
Vocalist - These company members sing any number of Celtic songs in our performances.