Founder and Director

Kimberly Mikulski

Kimberly Mikulski is the founder and director of Motor City Irish Dance. She has Irish danced for 20+ years (both competitively and on-stage) and has owned and operated Irish dance schools in both America and England during the last 13 years. As a teacher, she has enriched the lives of hundreds of students by emphasizing good dance habits over scores and rankings. And as a choreographer, she has created breathtaking group dances (from 2 to 30+ performers) for numerous major stage shows, school recitals, and multi-cultural events. But through her passion as a performer, she has entertained thousands by dancing along side Irish music greats (Eilleen Ivers, 7-Nations, Finvarra's Wren, to name a few) and on television during FOX2, NBC25, and WXYZ-TV morning shows. Kimberly currently lives in Rochester Hills with her husband and three young daughters and enjoys crafting handmade gifts for family and friends.