Prices and Policies

Membership Fee

Membership fees are paid once a year at the start of classes in September or when you begin taking classes. There are three levels of membership.

Tiny Toes Membership $15
Student Membership $20
Company Membership $40

Class Tuition Rates

Student Price Options
Tiny Toes / monthly $35
1 class a week / monthly $55
2 classes a week / monthly $80
10-class punch card $150
Company Price
Junior Company / monthly $85
Senior Company or Flyer / monthly $95

Membership Descriptions

The Student Membership is for people who attend only one or two dedicated class per week (for their age and skill-level). Perfect for beginners. Not applicable for MCID Company members.

The 10-Class Punch Card is designed for adults seeking more flexibility in their schedule and don't want to feel tied down every week. Not applicable for kids or MCID Company members.

The Company Membership provides a dancer with access to all company regularly scheduled classes, one MCID class, and one Jig-Fit™ class appropriate to the student's age and skill-level. 

We also provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - if you are not completely satisfied within 7 days of your first class, we will refund your first month's membership fee.

Payment Policies

  • Tuition fees are charged monthly, regardless of how many weeks in the month (including holiday or break weeks).
  • Tuition fees are not pro-rated.
  • If you are a new student, your first payment and membership fee is due on the day of your first class.
  • If you are an existing student, your monthly payment is due at your first class on the 1st week of the month.
  • Please do not be late with your monthly payment. Try scheduling it as a recurring event in your calendar to remind you. If you would like to receive an invoice through PayPal so that you can pay that way, just let us know.
  • Please make checks out to Motor City Irish Dance, LLC. You will incur a $40.00 fee if your check bounces.
  • You are expected to pay for all months of class until which time you chose to disenroll from class. Once disenrolled you will not receive a refund, but will no longer be expected to pay future tuition amounts and your space in class may be given to another student. Full tuition students are given precendence over punch card students for space in the adult classes.

Scheduling Policies

  • There are no makeup classes for students who miss a scheduled class.
  • If you miss a class, then it is your responsibility to follow up with your instructor or fellow dancers to obtain new material before your next class / rehearsal.
  • Motor City Irish Dance will strive to reschedule and makeup any unscheduled class cancellations it is responsible for.
  • In the case of inclement weather, Rochester Community Schools closures, or acts of God, class cancellations will not be rescheduled. However, if a significant number of classes are cancelled over an extended period of time for the same reason, we will make every effort to schedule a makeup workshop session for the affected dancers at no additional charge.
  • In the run up to a performance, company classes will serve as scheduled performance rehearsal time. Additional performance rehearsal time may be scheduled if the class majority believe it would be significantly beneficial.

Other Services

Service 30-minute
Individual Private Lesson $35 $50
Two-Person Private Lesson $20/person $30/person
Group Private Lesson - $25/person
Performance, Workshop, or other Custom Request - Email Us

Private Lesson Policies

  • Private lessons are only Motor City Irish Dance members.
  • Private lessons can only be scheduled on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (based on the availability for your instructor).
  • To secure a private lesson booking, the booking must be prepaid in full no less than 24 hours before the scheduled date and time of the lesson.
  • Changes to a scheduled private lesson (adjustments or cancellations) must be made no less than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson start day and time. Otherwise, you are responsible for the full cost of the scheduled lesson and no refund or transfer of payment will be issued.
  • You are responsible to arrive on time for your lesson. Tardiness will not change your lesson end time nor reduce the full cost of your scheduled lesson.